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Ex DimebagRip32

2011-07-13 02:08:14 by SethFx23

Hey everyone, if it matters, and it probably doesn't, this is DimebagRip32's new profile. I changed because it was so old *2009* and I didn't do anything on it. So I am starting new and I should be posting my first game "Avoider!" pretty soon. Thanks! -Seth

Ex DimebagRip32


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2011-07-13 02:45:03


SethFx23 responds:

Yeah I love it.


2011-07-13 03:19:27

Awh. I would've just used your old account, It's better having an older account in my opinion, just looks cooler y'know?

SethFx23 responds:

Yeah but the out datedness was annoying.