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SethFx23's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 16 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 365 Points

Cuboy: Hot Pants

Hooked Unlocked 8/10/11
5 Points
Play the game many times in one session.
Quick Feet Unlocked 8/10/11
5 Points
Quickly move down the mountain.
Hot Toes Unlocked 8/10/11
10 Points
Jump on lava 15 times in a single game.
Thrill Seeker Unlocked 8/10/11
10 Points
Flirt with death.
Ultimate Goatman Unlocked 8/10/11
10 Points
Unlock the goat costume. Baaa
Ultimate Fireman Unlocked 8/10/11
25 Points
Unlock the Fireman outfit.
Ultimate Survivor Unlocked 8/10/11
25 Points
Reach a score of 1500
Ultimate Lederhosen Unlocked 8/10/11
50 Points
Unlock the Lederhosen outfit.
Ultimate Rockman 100 Points Unlock the Rockman outfit.

Medals Earned: 8/9 (140/240 points)


Rescued Unlocked 8/13/11
10 Points
Rescue all the villagers
Death by Dravalanche 5 Points Fall to your death
Slayer 10 Points Defeat the dragon

Medals Earned: 1/3 (10/25 points)

Pothead Zombies

Keep'em Coming! Unlocked 7/16/11
5 Points
Killed 100 zombies.
Come get some! Unlocked 7/16/11
10 Points
killed 300 zombies.
Trained to perfection Unlocked 7/16/11
25 Points
Coop shooter mastered a weapon use.
Uhn... What? Unlocked 7/16/11
25 Points
Finished the game on "Overdosed".
A gift for my love Unlocked 7/16/11
50 Points
Coop shooter received and mastered the Gatling gun.
Hell Yeah Unlocked 7/16/11
50 Points
Finished the game.
Its an investment, honey! Unlocked 7/16/11
50 Points
Maxed a weapon.
The Perfect Duo 100 Points Found the better combination.

Medals Earned: 7/8 (215/315 points)